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Sara Bibel's Blog About TV & Other Vital Social Issues: Five Signs That You Are A Psycho Soap Fan

Putting this out there coz I can’t run fast enough from this type of “fans”. Consider this my help. LOL

So basically…

When I search Google for The Bold and the Beautiful, this is the first thing that comes out. Both on Chrome incognito and Safari.

Whatever algorithm you’re using, I say, keep it up Google! You certainly know who are the bold and beautiful of the show.




Highlight Hollywood Chooses FIVE BEST TV Actresses 2013: Clarke, Sagal, West, Lang, Cohan

Admitting to an Affair 101 by Brooke Logan

  1. Take a sip of champagne.
  2. Tell the story in third person.
  3. Drop a tear.
  4. Drop the bomb.
  5. Insert justification.
  6. Retract justification.
  7. Repeat step 3.

Next Week Promo

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Bonus Scene - Quinn sasses Donna

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Hot Clip of the Day - Excuses, Excuses

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